Recent Case Studies and White Papers

“Accurint® for Law Enforcement is an application that makes difficult and time consuming tasks easy and fast, and Accurint® is also a lead generator.”

-Lt. Tom Joyce (Ret.), Cold Case Squad, 48th Precinct, New York Police Department

Florida Department of Law Enforcement Solves Child Abduction Case with LexisNexis® Advanced Investigative Solution Case Study

The LexisNexis Advanced Investigative Solution is a web-based tool that integrates identity data and law enforcement data sets to help instantly uncover leads that would normally take days or weeks to track down manually.

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Closing the Case White Paper

Solving Violent Crimes Quickly and Efficiently with Public Records

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Social Media Use in Law Enforcement

Social media is increasingly valuable to the way law enforcement professionals operate in both crime prevention and investigation. However, as social media use becomes more prevalent, there remain many questions regarding how exactly it is utilized to optimal effect in criminal investigations.

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